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About IQS

IQS unites 20th century technology with the ancient healing arts of homeopathy and acupuncture. IQS (also known as Electrodermal screening) was first developed 50 years ago in Germany and is now estimated to be used by more than 100,000 medical doctors and health care practitioners around the world.

IQS is an instrument-based method that provides information about the health of the body via electrical measurements of the skin at various points on the hands and feet. 

IQS is a noninvasive method that allows doctors to evaluate their patients at the core energetic level. IQS also helps practitioners prescribe the best medicines for each patient by testing them first "in circuit" to confirm their effectiveness. 

It's important to emphasize the fact that IQS is only a tool. IQS machines do not produce automatic answers for medical problems with the push of a button. There is no "black box" effect at work, no secret circuitry or artificial intelligence contained inside these machines. It is the practitioner who is doing the testing with the aid of the instrument-the instrument itself is not doing the testing! Every medical device produces some type of information about the patient that must be interpreted by the practitioner. In this regard, IQS machines are no different than other medical tools such as an EEG, X-ray machine or even a stethoscope. Each of these tools require a trained practitioner who has the learning and experience to effectively interpret the results they produce. The mere act of owning an IQS device doesn't make one a medical practitioner any more than owning a musical instrument makes one a musician.

In the hands of a skilled practitioner, IQS machines are powerful tools that can directly access the body's sophisticated communication and control network. In this way, IQS de vices can help practitioners diagnose medical conditions that are beyond the reach of conventional medicine because they provide a way to evaluate the patient at the energetic level where all disease begins and ends.

IQS and Depression

At our center, we use IQS to diagnose a variety of conditions, chief among them depression. We find that IQS is very effective in determining which meridians are affected by a patient's depression. With the IQS system, we are able to pinpoint problem areas and better suggest a course of treatment. Dr. Lilly Li performs these tests at our clinic. If you are interested in IQS, don't hesitate to make a visit and inquire about it with Dr. Lilly Li.

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